Intensive Media Relations Programme

This five-day media relations training course covers full spectrum of media relations skills. You will master the media landscape, news values and journalist psychology, and learn innovative media engagement tactics including online. You will refine your spokesperson skills in videotaped role-play interviews with expert feedback coaching.

Presentation training and public speaking

Presentation Training and Public Speaking is a stimulating two-day presentation training course led by an inspirational public speaking coach. The course consists of fun and practical workshops on key topics including voice, posture and movement. You will build presence, confidence and authority through practical vocal projection and body language exercises. You will benefit from video feedback and personal coaching in a relaxed, supportive and positive atmosphere. You will develop new-found confidence in public speaking and the ability to captivate an audience. NOTE: this is Wibena Institute’s open group course for public speaking. We also provide private presentation skills training

Mentoring and coaching training course

Employees who have been assigned new responsibilities or who need to improve their work performance may be assigned coaches or mentors to help them boost their performance, achieve goals and overcome areas of weaknesses. The purpose of the Coaching and Mentoring course is to help middle and senior managers identify, develop and apply skills that will turn around the individual and team performance of their employees. The course will increase the managers’ competencies, attitudes and confidence in supporting employees’ work performance and career development.

Efficient Transport and Fleet Management Training

Transportation activities can account for over 70% of an organization’s supply chain costs. Thus, it is vital that an organization gets the transportation function right, whether its ambition is to meet personnel mobility needs or to execute the delivery of goods and materials. This training will examine the transportation function in a holistic manner. It will delve deep into the requirements of successful fleet maintenance programs and workshops, and then discuss the components of stringent fleet and driver safety programs and experiment with different capital budgeting and distribution routing techniques. The training will conclude with a thorough exploration of key fleet performance measures, National transport laws & regulations, and emerging trends.

Gender Mainstreaming for Sustainable Development

Gender mainstreaming is an international strategy to achieve gender equality. It is based on the premise that gender perspectives and attention to the goal of gender equality are central to policy development, research, legislation, resource allocation, and to the programme cycle i.e. from planning to implementation and evaluation.

Special Needs Education

The special Education Needs teaching assistant professional qualification focused on the practical application of theoretical knowledge. You gain knowledge of classroom, methodologies, communication skills for teaching and how to safeguard children, along with role-specific competencies such as the SEN code of practice, understanding learning difficulties, supporting children on the autistic spectrum and managing ADHD and dyslexia in the classroom.
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